Nature of Geology

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Nature of Geology

This is a transcript of QuickTime movie (2.8 MB) recorded in the Pilbara in 2005. Dr Jack Farmer of Arizona State University talks about the nature of geology.


You know the thing I’m worried about? A lot of the microbiologists and other non geological types, because we are arguing so much and debating, it's kind of leaving them with the impression that “they don’t believe anything”.

But if they came out with us they'd know that we are just arguing for the sake of it and we enjoy it.

And really, I think they are missing the point. Geology as a field has some really basic principles that we apply and they are kind of almost incontrovertible in many instances. Many of those apply here. So the debate that's going on is really on the subtleties of a lot of this, I think.

Just can't do it any other way that we know of. I mean that is a critical point.

This is not physics or chemistry, where you can predict it from an equation, it’s sort of a contextual thing with a lot of different lines of evidence converging.




Early Life



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