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Exploring the Pilbara

As a Pilbara explorer, we expect that you fall into one of three categories:

1. You are a high school student whose teacher has given you this project to explore and develop and test your own hypotheses about the Pilbara and the search for life on Mars, or that you want to use the NASA hi tech tools to explore this project at home.

2. You are a teacher who wishes to use some or all of this free resource to engage your students in tasks you wish to set.

3. You are a member of the public wishing to simply gain information and explore with the scientists.

Whatever it is we hope you’ll find the opportunity to be there with ‘science in the making’ inspiring and the NASA tools a good deal of fun to use with this project and to explore other aspects of science and our planet. The challenge is to understand something few non-scientists grasp – that as we step out into the cosmos, we do so in the intense curiosity about ourselves on this pale blue dot.

1. Begin by downloading World Wind and to explore and view geological maps of the Pilbara in a dynamic way, then the Virtual Field Trip, which will provide links to the other tools (and this wiki site if you have come in via the VFT).

2. Make use of this wiki site to access and search a database of background knowledge, images and videos to enrich your Pilbara experience.

3. Remember that science is about the best current understanding and the best current tools. Both change with time – even a brief look at history shows that is true. So the information will change on this site as the science advances.




Early Life



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