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Using What’s the Difference?

This is a program for comparing and contrasting. Double click on the round ‘pilbara’ icon in the WTD folder and two windows will appear. You can get another two windows from two blue dots at the bottom of the frame in the middle. Now you can compare the environments of modern and ancient Pilbara and modern and ancient Mars. Click on the bar in each little window to choose one of the four until you have all four running. Then select from the different aspects in red below. Note there is also a roll-over glossary. And most of the small windows also come with more information by using the small information symbol within the window.

Using What's the Difference? as an authoring tool

Instead of choosing the Pilbara dataset, you can create your own module. To do this, double click on the round ‘1StartWTDpc’ icon in the WTD folder.

Choose "Create New Dataset".

Name your dataset and hit the Enter button.

By choosing "Create category list Attributes list Media files" you will see the input area for selecting and editing each of the categories and attributes you wish to compare.

"Continue to next step " will take you to the main data input screen.

Here you select a DOT from the grid.

By selecting a dot you will notice that the "Category/Attribute being modified" has been changed to reflect your choice from the dot you selected.

Now you can modify/edit the file relating to the Cat/Attrib above. You can enter a file name or simply choose your file by using the button. Here you enter your glossary words and definitions as well as any additional text information.

Upon entering each set of data you must use the "SAVE selection and return to grid" button to store the data in the database.

Once you have finished editing your data, you can return to the main menu using the button in the bottom right corner.

Complete the Hypothesis or Question to be researched button.

Generate an assessment test. (Don't forget to select the correct answers using the radio buttons.)

To have the application build your What's the Difference program based on your data click on the green button.

Once in the What's the Difference program you will see familiar navigation; category pull downs and attribute navigation. There is a rollover glossary, a dynamic journal, additional window capabilities and an assessment test.

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