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This is a transcript of a QuickTime movie (5.2 MB) recorded in the Pilbara in 2005. Professor Malcolm Walter, Director of the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, talks about the relevance of the field trip to astrobiology.


“Astrobiology is a relatively new science that aims to integrate all the way from astrophysics, through geology and chemistry to biology to look at the world in an integrated way – a holistic way – and its very hard to generate that sort of interdisciplinary interaction but it is starting to happen and around the world and we’ve seen it happening on this field trip with people with different sorts of skills talking to each other, developing new collaborations. Several new collaborations have, to my knowledge, started on this field trip and in the previous workshop and there is a great deal of new knowledge that people have imparted to each other. So astrobiology is about the origin of life, the history of life on Earth, and indeed its future and about the co-evolution of life in its environment. We learn to do these things here and we’ll apply the same skills elsewhere in the solar system, and indeed beyond the solar system."




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