Dresser stromatolites

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Dresser stromatolites

This is a transcript of a QuickTime movie (8.5 MB) recorded in the Pilbara in 2005. Professor Malcolm Walter, Director of the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, talks about the stromatolites at the Dresser Formation.


The point here is that these are common garden stromatolite-like structures, they look like stromatolites of any age. They have the same sorts of associations of stromatolites of any age. It's nothing special about them, but on the other hand there is no obvious way to irrefutably demonstrate that they are biogenic. So we are still relying on morphology and the sedimentary context for our interpretation. They fall into the same category as all the other stromatolitic structures in this region. They do not contain micro fossils that anybody has found anyway and I do not think there've been any studies of kerogens from this locality. So there is just a limited set of information available here.




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