Dresser ripples

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Dresser ripples

This is a transcript of a QuickTime movie (4.6 MB) recorded in the Pilbara in 2005. Martin Van Kranendonk, of the Geolological Survey of Western Australia, compares ancient ripple marks at the Dresser formation with Shark Bay.


Right in here there’s a beautiful little exposure of the rippled sandstones. You can get nice cross bedding right from here and if you follow that around there the top surface of the ripples is exposed and they’re quite steeply dipping and the water washed back and forth this way. So you get a feeling of that just looks very much like you see at Shark Bay where you get stromatolites as club shaped ones, you get stromatolitic mat, microbial mat, in between the big clubs and on those you get silt that gets washed back and forth by the sands.




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