Domical structure at Dresser

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Domical structure at Dresser

This is a transcript of a QuickTime movie (7.9 MB) recorded in the Pilbara in 2005. Martin Van Kranendonk, of the Geolological Survey of Western Australia, describes a domical structure at the Dresser formation.


Yeah there’s a nice domical feature with that wrinkly laminate material, and down below at the bottom, there’s a quite high amplitude kind of structure through there. And just on top of that you’ll see that there is a coarse unit here, a wedge of units with big blocks of barite. During the deposition of the sediment, or the influx of these veins, there were faulting episodes and during the faulting fluids came up, crystallised barite, and that barite and the silica was then eroded down the tops of the faults in these wedges of sediment. So you can see very discretely there quite angular clasts of coarse crystalline barite. There are crystals of barite in the matrix and then there is more barite above. So at this one locality we can see several generations of barite, some of which is incorporated in the accumulation in the sediment itself. Critical observation.




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