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This is a transcript of a QuickTime movie (6.3 MB) recorded in the Pilbara in 2005. Dr Martin van Kranendonk talks about the danger of animals on the road in the Pilbara.


“Drivers also, during the day it’s not a problem but if we get late in the evening, there could be kangaroos that go across the road. Cardinal rule number one is, do not swerve for Skippy, OK. I had a friend who was up here last month and he rolled his vehicle because he tried to avoid a kangaroo and he rolled it. He caught a sand patch and he rolled over. It’s not worth it! The other thing you might get, of course, are cattle going across the road. But you can see them from quite far ahead, especially on a nice sunny day, so no problem there. They have right of way, of course. They’re pretty stupid and they’ll get out of your way. The kangaroos are completely unpredictable. You think they’re going to go right across and they turn around and come back. And just don’t bother swerving for them. You slow down, of course, you do everything you can, but do not swerve! All right? But I’ve only in ten years up here I’ve hit two so it’s not a very likely thing to happen."




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