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Pilbara and Shark Bay image resources

Here are image resources, which you can click on to display. You may also consult the images list for other images, which show their related articles when you click on the description (brackets on the left of the image). The images - and any others on this wiki site - are intended for open use with no copyright for education and research.

  • A conical stromatolite collected by Australian Centre for Astrobiology PhD student Abby Allwood and taken into space on behalf of the Centre by Australian astronaut Dr Andy Thomas on the Space Shuttle Discovery in the Return to Flight mission of July 2005.
  • Mickey Mouse Ears, a structure on the side of a conical stromatolite at the Trendall Locality - the name of the structure named after the Disney character because of the likeness.
  • A mineral map of the Shaw River, the Trendall Locality and North Shaw.
  • A geological map of the Shaw River, the Trendall Locality and North Shaw, the cyan strike across the river marking the stromatolite rich ridge on both sides.
  • Marble Bar Chert, a very fine grained sedimentary rock laid down near Marble Bar 3.4 billion years ago. Prof Roger Summons of MIT takes a rest on the chert during a hot day in the Pilbara in 2005.
  • Pillow basalts showing ocelli.
  • Simplified geological map of the Apex chert “microfossil” locality (Modified from Brasier et al., 2002: Nature, v. 416, p. 76-81).

Media quality images - Please credit Macquarie University

North Shaw view 1

North Shaw view 2

North Shaw view 3

North Shaw view 4

North Shaw view 5

North Shaw view 6

North Shaw view 7

North Shaw view 8

North Shaw view 9

The following 8 images should be credited to Abby Allwood

Cuspate swale side view

Abby in the Pilbara

LCC colour

Looking down on elliptical cones

Stromatolites at dawn

Cuspate swale along bedding plane

An example of a Pilbara stromatolite

Swales in pictures and diagram

Shark Bay images

Submerged stromatolites

Submerged microbial mat

Submerged stromatolites and mats

Submerged smooth mat

Shell beach

Stromatolites exposed

Exposed ripple marks

Pustular microbial mat

Smooth mats between stromatolites

Red capped stromatolites

Red and black capped stromatolites

Black stromatolites

Brown capped stromatolites

White capped stromatolites

Mushroom shaped stromatolites

Dome shaped stromatolite

Large dome shaped stromatolites

Multi shaped stromatolites

Irregular shaped stromatolites




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